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OXml left beta

Yesterday, I finally released OXml 1.0, the first version in production state and OXml definitely left beta. What changed for you as an OXml user?

The most important change is the license. OXml is now licensed under CPAL 1.0. It is an open-source license with a strong attribution clause. It forces you to display the Original Developer’s Attribution Information each time an executable is launched. As an alternative, you may buy a commercial license which doesn’t require any attribution at all.

I prepared a PLUS package with extra units: two XML serializer/deserializers, one based on TypInfo (for Delphi 6+ and Lazarus) and one based on enhanced RTTI (for Delphi 2010+). I also plan writing a dataset-to-XML component. This package will be available only for customers who bought OXml.

What led me to the decision to change the license was first the fact that there are a lot of free XML libraries but I believe that OXml is special and those who really need OXml should also be willing to pay a reasonable amount for it. As a result I’ll be motivated to keep updating and enhancing OXml. Those who don’t want to pay for OXml can use one of its beta versions licensed under MPL, be pirates and ignore the new license or switch to other XML libraries.

Second it’s Embarcadero’s own update policy. I have to pay anually for Delphi license as well so a small fee for OXml helps me keep OXml updated in future Delphi versions as well.

OXml homepage: http://www.kluug.net/oxml.php